Hanna & Derek’s Wedding

Here’s Hanna & Derek’s wedding!  Their ceremony was at Eastridge Presbyterian Church and the reception was at the Cornhusker Marriot in Lincoln.  We stopped at the capitol building in between for some quick wedding party photos.

A few of my favorite things about this wedding.  Seriously emotional first looks, some interesting light at the Capitol building, donuts instead of cake, and a couple of the most impactful toasts I’ve heard at a reception.  I had a lot of trouble culling this one down so here’s a lot of my favorites.  Congrats again Hanna & Derek!

HannaDerek-001 HannaDerek-003 HannaDerek-004 HannaDerek-006 HannaDerek-007 HannaDerek-009 HannaDerek-013 HannaDerek-017 HannaDerek-018 HannaDerek-019 HannaDerek-022 HannaDerek-023 HannaDerek-024 HannaDerek-025 HannaDerek-027 HannaDerek-028 HannaDerek-030 HannaDerek-032 HannaDerek-033 HannaDerek-034 HannaDerek-037 Groomsmen before wedding HannaDerek-039 HannaDerek-041 HannaDerek-042 HannaDerek-044 HannaDerek-046 HannaDerek-048 Bride dress preparation HannaDerek-051 Father daughter first look HannaDerek-055 HannaDerek-058 HannaDerek-060 HannaDerek-062 HannaDerek-064 HannaDerek-066 HannaDerek-067 HannaDerek-069 Bride and Groom portrait HannaDerek-073 Nebraska Wedding Photographer HannaDerek-075 HannaDerek-076 HannaDerek-078 Nebraska Wedding Photographer HannaDerek-080 Nebraska Bridal Portrait HannaDerek-084 HannaDerek-086 HannaDerek-088 HannaDerek-090 HannaDerek-092 HannaDerek-093 HannaDerek-095 HannaDerek-096 HannaDerek-097 HannaDerek-098 HannaDerek-099 HannaDerek-100 HannaDerek-102 HannaDerek-103 HannaDerek-104 HannaDerek-105 HannaDerek-106 HannaDerek-108 HannaDerek-109 HannaDerek-111 HannaDerek-113 HannaDerek-115 HannaDerek-116 HannaDerek-118 HannaDerek-119 HannaDerek-121 HannaDerek-123 HannaDerek-125 HannaDerek-128 HannaDerek-129 HannaDerek-130 HannaDerek-131 HannaDerek-132 HannaDerek-133 HannaDerek-135 HannaDerek-136 HannaDerek-138 HannaDerek-140 Bride and Groom portrait at Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln Nebraska HannaDerek-144 HannaDerek-146 HannaDerek-147 HannaDerek-149 HannaDerek-151 HannaDerek-152 HannaDerek-154 HannaDerek-155 HannaDerek-156 HannaDerek-158 HannaDerek-161 HannaDerek-163 HannaDerek-164 HannaDerek-165 HannaDerek-167 HannaDerek-170 HannaDerek-171 HannaDerek-172 HannaDerek-174 HannaDerek-176 HannaDerek-177 HannaDerek-178 HannaDerek-179 HannaDerek-180 HannaDerek-181 HannaDerek-182 HannaDerek-184 HannaDerek-185 HannaDerek-187 HannaDerek-189 HannaDerek-191 HannaDerek-192 HannaDerek-194 HannaDerek-196 HannaDerek-197 HannaDerek-199 HannaDerek-201 HannaDerek-202

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