Amy & Jake’s Wedding

Here’s Amy & Jake’s wedding!  I drove out to Sidney in western Nebraska to photograph this wedding, and it was definitely worth the drive.  Some of my favorite things from this day, a couple unexpected visitors at the salon, family portraits outdoors in a nearby city park, a break from the reception for sunset portraits, and a whole lot of dancing.  Here’s some of my favorites, congrats again guys!
AmyJake-001 AmyJake-003 AmyJake-004 AmyJake-006 AmyJake-007 AmyJake-009 AmyJake-010AmyJake-014 AmyJake-016 AmyJake-017 AmyJake-018AmyJake-012 AmyJake-019 AmyJake-020 AmyJake-022 AmyJake-024 AmyJake-025 AmyJake-027 AmyJake-029 AmyJake-031 AmyJake-033 Nebraska wedding photographer Omaha wedding photographer Omaha wedding photographer AmyJake-038 bridal portrait by an omaha photographer AmyJake-043 bridal portrait by an omaha photographer AmyJake-045 Groom portrait by an omaha photographer AmyJake-048 AmyJake-050 AmyJake-055 AmyJake-057 AmyJake-058 AmyJake-060 AmyJake-062 AmyJake-063 AmyJake-064 AmyJake-065 AmyJake-067 AmyJake-068 AmyJake-071 AmyJake-073 AmyJake-075 AmyJake-076 AmyJake-077 omaha wedding photographer wedding party AmyJake-079 AmyJake-081 AmyJake-083 AmyJake-085 AmyJake-086 AmyJake-088 AmyJake-089 AmyJake-091 AmyJake-094 AmyJake-095 AmyJake-096 AmyJake-098 AmyJake-100AmyJake-104 bride and groom omaha wedding photographer AmyJake-107 omaha photographer AmyJake-109 AmyJake-110AmyJake-101 AmyJake-111 AmyJake-113 AmyJake-114 AmyJake-116 AmyJake-118 AmyJake-120 AmyJake-121 AmyJake-123 AmyJake-124


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