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Casey & Ali’s Wedding – Omaha, NE – Black and White film

For the last few years I’ve picked a time during my season that was a little slower and approached my photographer friends to see if I could tag along to one of their weddings.  The caveat being that I’d be shooting strictly with black & white film.  Two years ago Daniel Dunlap took me along to Des Moines (link to blog), last year Hooton Images […]

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Daniel & Katherine’s Wedding – Des Moines West End Architectural Salvage

I have something a little different from normal to share today.  A while back I got it into my head that it would be a fun and uniquely challenging experience to shoot a wedding exclusively in black and white film.  Film is  something I’m still very new to though and I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of doing this as a primary for someones wedding. […]

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