Jordan & Khayla’s Wedding

Here’s Khayla & Jordan’s wedding!  The ceremony was held at First Presbyterian Church in midtown with the reception following at Anthony’s.  We stopped at Memorial Park in between for portraits.  Some of my favorite things from this day, Khayla and her dad’s moment before the ceremony, some really great light and color for portraits at Memorial Park, and a super entertaining and energetic dance floor.  Here’s a bunch of my favorites, congrats again Khayla & Jordan!

KhaylaJordan-001 KhaylaJordan-004 KhaylaJordan-007 KhaylaJordan-009 KhaylaJordan-011 KhaylaJordan-012 KhaylaJordan-013 KhaylaJordan-015 KhaylaJordan-016 KhaylaJordan-018 KhaylaJordan-019 KhaylaJordan-021 KhaylaJordan-022 KhaylaJordan-023 KhaylaJordan-024 KhaylaJordan-025 KhaylaJordan-026 KhaylaJordan-027 KhaylaJordan-028 KhaylaJordan-030 KhaylaJordan-031 KhaylaJordan-032 KhaylaJordan-034 KhaylaJordan-035 KhaylaJordan-037 KhaylaJordan-038 KhaylaJordan-040 KhaylaJordan-042 KhaylaJordan-043 KhaylaJordan-046 KhaylaJordan-047 KhaylaJordan-049 KhaylaJordan-050 KhaylaJordan-052 KhaylaJordan-053 KhaylaJordan-054 KhaylaJordan-056 KhaylaJordan-059 KhaylaJordan-060 KhaylaJordan-062 KhaylaJordan-064 KhaylaJordan-066 KhaylaJordan-067 KhaylaJordan-069 KhaylaJordan-070 KhaylaJordan-072 KhaylaJordan-074 KhaylaJordan-075 KhaylaJordan-076 KhaylaJordan-078 KhaylaJordan-079 KhaylaJordan-080 KhaylaJordan-082 KhaylaJordan-083 KhaylaJordan-084 KhaylaJordan-087 KhaylaJordan-091 KhaylaJordan-093 KhaylaJordan-094 KhaylaJordan-095 KhaylaJordan-096 KhaylaJordan-098 KhaylaJordan-099 KhaylaJordan-100 KhaylaJordan-102 KhaylaJordan-103 KhaylaJordan-105 KhaylaJordan-106 KhaylaJordan-107 KhaylaJordan-108 KhaylaJordan-110 KhaylaJordan-111 KhaylaJordan-112 KhaylaJordan-114 KhaylaJordan-116 KhaylaJordan-117 KhaylaJordan-118 KhaylaJordan-119 KhaylaJordan-121 KhaylaJordan-122 KhaylaJordan-123 KhaylaJordan-126 KhaylaJordan-127 KhaylaJordan-128 KhaylaJordan-129

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