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Jason & Kelli – Omaha Engagement Photos

Jason, Kelli & I got together last week at Elmwood park to take some engagement pictures.  The two of them were really laid back and easy to work with.  As an example, I developed some kind of a mental short circuit and called Jason “Jordan” a half dozen times (OK, maybe a dozen?) and he just laughed it off each time.  Anyway, here’s some of […]

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Matt & Verneal’s Wedding | Slattery Vintage Estates

Matt and Verneal were married at Slattery Vintage Estates a month ago.  The ceremony was officiated by Matt’s father and attended by close friends and family.  Matt & Verneal’s canine friends stepped in as wedding party members.  I’m not calling anyone out specifically but this was one of the more well behaved wedding parties I’ve dealt with.  😛 Verneal is a photographer herself and ordinarily that […]

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Suzanne & Jordan – Omaha Engagement Photos

Last Sunday I learned that ticks are a real thing and if you lie down in tall grass to get a cool picture you might acquire a lot of them.  Suzanne, Jordan & I started out downtown wandering around Heartland Park and then moved on to some outdoorsey spots.  I had a great time and it turns out we have some mutual friends.  I’m looking […]

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CJ & Aaron – Omaha Engagement Photos

Here’s another engagement session to share!  CJ & Aaron met me at Halleck Park in Papillion to wander around and take some engagement photos.  The sun was ducking in and out of clouds but it felt like we were managing to stay a step ahead of it.  I’m really happy with how these turned out and looking forward to shooting CJ & Aaron’s wedding at […]

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