Matt & Kaitlyn’s Wedding | Diamond Room | Omaha Nebraska

Here’s Matt and Kaitlyn’s wedding!  Ceremony and reception were held at the Diamond room in downtown Omaha.  We got a little snow a few days before hand, but that didn’t keep us from grabbing some shots outside, Kaitlyn can climb snow banks in a wedding dress like no ones business.

A few of my favorite things from this set.  First looks and first dances.  Some soft window light for portraits in the lobby of their hotel, a little touch of snow and color on a December day.  Here’s a bunch of my favorite images.  Congrats Matt & Kaitlyn!MattKaitlyn-001 MattKaitlyn-003 MattKaitlyn-024 MattKaitlyn-006 MattKaitlyn-009 MattKaitlyn-011 MattKaitlyn-013 MattKaitlyn-015 MattKaitlyn-016 MattKaitlyn-018 MattKaitlyn-020 MattKaitlyn-022 MattKaitlyn-026 MattKaitlyn-028 MattKaitlyn-029 MattKaitlyn-031 MattKaitlyn-033 MattKaitlyn-035 MattKaitlyn-037 MattKaitlyn-039 MattKaitlyn-041 MattKaitlyn-042 MattKaitlyn-045 MattKaitlyn-047 MattKaitlyn-048 MattKaitlyn-049 MattKaitlyn-051 MattKaitlyn-052 MattKaitlyn-054 MattKaitlyn-055 MattKaitlyn-057 MattKaitlyn-059 MattKaitlyn-060 MattKaitlyn-062 MattKaitlyn-064 MattKaitlyn-066 MattKaitlyn-067 MattKaitlyn-069 MattKaitlyn-070 MattKaitlyn-072 MattKaitlyn-073 MattKaitlyn-075 MattKaitlyn-077 MattKaitlyn-078 MattKaitlyn-081 MattKaitlyn-083 MattKaitlyn-086 MattKaitlyn-088 MattKaitlyn-089 MattKaitlyn-091 MattKaitlyn-093 MattKaitlyn-096 MattKaitlyn-097 MattKaitlyn-099 MattKaitlyn-122 MattKaitlyn-105 MattKaitlyn-106 MattKaitlyn-108 MattKaitlyn-109 MattKaitlyn-110 MattKaitlyn-111 MattKaitlyn-112 MattKaitlyn-113 MattKaitlyn-114 MattKaitlyn-115 MattKaitlyn-116 MattKaitlyn-117 MattKaitlyn-118 MattKaitlyn-119 MattKaitlyn-121 MattKaitlyn-123 MattKaitlyn-104 MattKaitlyn-127 MattKaitlyn-129 MattKaitlyn-136 MattKaitlyn-138 MattKaitlyn-139 MattKaitlyn-140 MattKaitlyn-142 MattKaitlyn-144 MattKaitlyn-145 MattKaitlyn-146 MattKaitlyn-148 MattKaitlyn-149 MattKaitlyn-151 MattKaitlyn-153 MattKaitlyn-154 MattKaitlyn-155 MattKaitlyn-156 MattKaitlyn-157 MattKaitlyn-159 MattKaitlyn-161 MattKaitlyn-162 MattKaitlyn-164 MattKaitlyn-165 MattKaitlyn-168 MattKaitlyn-169 MattKaitlyn-171 MattKaitlyn-173 MattKaitlyn-174 MattKaitlyn-175 MattKaitlyn-177 MattKaitlyn-179 MattKaitlyn-181 MattKaitlyn-182 MattKaitlyn-183 MattKaitlyn-185 MattKaitlyn-186 MattKaitlyn-188 MattKaitlyn-190 MattKaitlyn-191 MattKaitlyn-192 MattKaitlyn-194 MattKaitlyn-196 MattKaitlyn-197 MattKaitlyn-198 MattKaitlyn-200 MattKaitlyn-201 MattKaitlyn-204 MattKaitlyn-206 MattKaitlyn-207 MattKaitlyn-209 MattKaitlyn-211 MattKaitlyn-212 MattKaitlyn-213 MattKaitlyn-214 MattKaitlyn-216



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