Jack and Melissa’s Wedding | Happy Hollow Club

Here’s Jack & Melissa’s wedding!  The ceremony was held at Morning Star Lutheran Church, and the reception was at Happy Hollow Club.  Some of the highlights of this day for me were a bunch of familiar faces from past weddings, a really entertaining party bus (per usual with this group) and peak fall colors at Happy Hollow.  Here’s a bunch of my favorites, congrats again guys and thanks for trusting me with your wedding day!

JackMelissa-001 JackMelissa-002 JackMelissa-004 JackMelissa-007 JackMelissa-009 JackMelissa-006 JackMelissa-012 JackMelissa-014 JackMelissa-015 JackMelissa-017 JackMelissa-018 JackMelissa-019 JackMelissa-020 JackMelissa-021 JackMelissa-022 JackMelissa-023 JackMelissa-024 JackMelissa-025 JackMelissa-027 JackMelissa-028 JackMelissa-030 JackMelissa-032 JackMelissa-033 JackMelissa-036 JackMelissa-037 JackMelissa-038 JackMelissa-040 JackMelissa-041 JackMelissa-049 JackMelissa-042 JackMelissa-043 JackMelissa-046 JackMelissa-047 JackMelissa-050 JackMelissa-052 JackMelissa-053 JackMelissa-055 JackMelissa-057 JackMelissa-059 JackMelissa-061 JackMelissa-064 JackMelissa-065 JackMelissa-066 JackMelissa-067 JackMelissa-068 JackMelissa-070 JackMelissa-071 JackMelissa-073 JackMelissa-074 JackMelissa-077 JackMelissa-078 JackMelissa-079 JackMelissa-081 JackMelissa-083 JackMelissa-085 JackMelissa-086 JackMelissa-089 JackMelissa-090 JackMelissa-092 JackMelissa-094 JackMelissa-095 JackMelissa-098 JackMelissa-099 JackMelissa-100 JackMelissa-102 JackMelissa-103 JackMelissa-105 JackMelissa-107 JackMelissa-104 JackMelissa-109 JackMelissa-111 JackMelissa-113 JackMelissa-114 JackMelissa-116 JackMelissa-118 JackMelissa-120 JackMelissa-121 JackMelissa-123 JackMelissa-125 JackMelissa-126 JackMelissa-127 JackMelissa-129 JackMelissa-130 JackMelissa-132 JackMelissa-133 JackMelissa-134 JackMelissa-136

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