Khayla & Jordan’s engagement session

Here’s an engagement session from a couple weekends ago!  This was a “let’s hike around looking for good light while trying to avoid completely ruining all our shoes” themed session.  I think we were quite successful with the light and moderately successful with the shoes.  😛  I had a great time shooting these and I’m super excited with how they turned out.  Here’s a few of my favorites!


KhaylaJordan-001KhaylaJordan-003 KhaylaJordan-005 KhaylaJordan-006 KhaylaJordan-008 KhaylaJordan-009 KhaylaJordan-011 KhaylaJordan-012 KhaylaJordan-013 KhaylaJordan-014 KhaylaJordan-016 KhaylaJordan-017 KhaylaJordan-018 KhaylaJordan-019 KhaylaJordan-020 KhaylaJordan-022 KhaylaJordan-024 KhaylaJordan-026 KhaylaJordan-028

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