Eric & Claire’s Wedding | St John at Creighton | Magnolia Hotel

Here’s Claire & Eric’s wedding!  Ceremony was at St John’s at Creighton, with the reception at the Magnolia downtown.  Some of my favorite things from this set, the last bits of 2017’s fall colors, a gorgeous sunset from the Magnolia courtyard, Claire and her grandpa dancing at the end of the night.

Here’s a bunch of my favorites, congrats again Claire and Eric!

ClaireEric-001 ClaireEric-003 ClaireEric-004 ClaireEric-006 ClaireEric-008 ClaireEric-010 ClaireEric-013 ClaireEric-015 ClaireEric-016 ClaireEric-018 ClaireEric-019 ClaireEric-020 ClaireEric-021 ClaireEric-022 ClaireEric-023 ClaireEric-024 ClaireEric-025 ClaireEric-027 ClaireEric-028 ClaireEric-029 ClaireEric-030 ClaireEric-032 ClaireEric-033 ClaireEric-034 ClaireEric-036 ClaireEric-037 ClaireEric-038 ClaireEric-039 ClaireEric-040 ClaireEric-042 ClaireEric-043 ClaireEric-044 Omaha NE Wedding Party Downtown ClaireEric-046 ClaireEric-047 ClaireEric-049 ClaireEric-050 Omaha Wedding Portrait ClaireEric-053 ClaireEric-054 ClaireEric-056 ClaireEric-057 ClaireEric-059 ClaireEric-060 Omaha Bride and Groom ClaireEric-063 ClaireEric-064 Omaha Wedding Photographer ClaireEric-066 ClaireEric-067 ClaireEric-068 ClaireEric-069 ClaireEric-070 ClaireEric-071 ClaireEric-072 ClaireEric-073 ClaireEric-074 ClaireEric-075 ClaireEric-076 ClaireEric-077 ClaireEric-078 ClaireEric-079 ClaireEric-080 ClaireEric-081 ClaireEric-082 ClaireEric-083 ClaireEric-085 ClaireEric-086 ClaireEric-087 ClaireEric-089 ClaireEric-090 ClaireEric-091 ClaireEric-094 ClaireEric-095 ClaireEric-097 ClaireEric-098 ClaireEric-099 ClaireEric-100 ClaireEric-101 ClaireEric-102 ClaireEric-104

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